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When people mention classical music, viola is not the first thing to come to mind. People sometimes confuse it with violin. Viola has taken the classical music to the unmatched heights, and it is attributed to the fantastic musicians as well. You need to know about the major contributors towards the classical viola music, and to know more about the best players of all time, you need to give the following lines a thorough consideration. In the early half of the 18th century, viola began to make its way to the list of the finest music instruments on offer at that time. Musicians of that time relied on the famous instruments such as violin etc, and used to pay little attention to the viola. In that era, Carl Stamitz mastered the art of playing this unique stringed instrument. Carl laid the basis of the classical viola music, which made the music lovers proud. Born in 1745, Carl started his musical journey by playing violin, but soon came across his ultimate desire and passion of playing viola. He played with unbelievable tenderness and supreme majesty, which infused a new life into this fine instrument. Lionel Tertis was also an amazing player Born in 1876, Lionel is rated as one of the most prominent advocates of the viola music, not just because of the mastery with which he used to play the instrument, but also the music he composed specifically for the viola. Tertis was so impressed with it that he proposed a design of his own. The idea was to come up with a larger body allowing resonance for the lowest, C string. William Primrose Born in 1904, Primrose went on to be one of the finest players of all time. His dedication to the instrument earned him fame in connection to the classical viola music. Primrose is the man behind the developments in this music, which were greeted with a smile by the audience. It was the unique viola playing technique, which made Primrose a distinctive figure in the world of classical music. Recordings of Primrose are the first choice for any music lover, especially for people fond of viola music. Nobuko Imai The contribution of women viola players has also been immense. Nobuko Imai, born in 1943, is the major contributor towards the overall development. In the last century, it has come of age as a musical instrument, and it is mostly because of the efforts of Imai. If you are looking to come across the epic melodies, then ensure you listen to the compositions of Imai. Yuri Bashmet Last, but not the least on the list, Yuri Bashmet is indisputably one of the finest viola players of the modern today. Born in 1953, Bashmet put his musical talent into practical use by learning the traits of composition. The music sensitivity and the impulsive compositions make Bashmet a true contributor towards the viola. Be sure and look for their records on the internet and in record stores.

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